Football Project

An inspiration driven from the vision birthed by the passion from a Saturday cultivation of team; playfulness, joy and commitment to the art of the game – creating magic with vision – distinct guidelines for Ron Dagar as he build him teams to play polo every week during Polo season.

The Sterling Foundation will for 10 days roam through some of the deepest parts of Tanzania and Kenya. We will deliver a customized, Sterling Foundation leather, handcrafted football to over 50 communities. The football project has a plan that will provide leadership and guidance by a handpicked team of footballers whose mission for three days every three months, will be to go to some of Kenya and Tanzania’s most remote villages to educate kids in the game of football.

Our goal is to provide expertise in the game and discover untapped talent. The football project was launched through charted leadership of veteran rally car driver, Jayant Shah. His team invited The Sterling Foundation to join him on an undiscovered path through Tanzania and Kenya, providing access to communities with very little means. Through research, we’ve found that something as simple as a football sparks elements defining leadership, partnerships, inspiration and drive.

The foundations goal is to create a physical environment that will educate boys and girls, building on their passion for the sport of football. A self sustained campus designed with sports, education and art combined with formal education. A campus with the understanding that in order to be successful in the game of football – you earn the right to play after focus on traditional studies.