Who we are

Sterling Richardson

Born in Washington, D.C on April 11, 1970, Sterling was considered one of the most innovative visionary’s in the world of interior design. Gaining passion and light through children, Sterling was an advocate for individuality.

His small structure packed a blinding light of brilliance as he touched so many, leaving a unforgettable bond that lasts lifetimes. He began his own interior design firm in 1996. Sterling enjoyed uncovering, discovering and creating beauty – at his core he was an interior designer and fashionista. His love for music and telling stories, with the dreams of as a child at heart was unmatchable.

The Sterling Foundation was created in his honor to provide a platform for children the world over, guiding them with help to achieve success in their light. With humble beginnings in thoughtful growth, honor we are committed to our mission. Through education, wellness art and sports, we strive to create beauty in every child we touch.

Ronald “Ron” Scott Dagar

Ronald Scott Dagar was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 31, 1967. He grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, graduating from North Central High School and Indiana University.

After living in New York City for a few years, he decided to try Wall Street. Ron’s first day on the job was the opening day of the New York Stock Exchange after September 11th, 2001.

In 2004, he opened the doors of Centauro Liquid Opportunities.  His greatest joys were polo and his son Massimo. Ron was a true believer in education and the arts. A creative, with a business acumen that rivaled some of the best. His passion of team resonated through his business practice in strategy, fairness and truth. He showed many how to be a true friend and confidant.

While leading by example, his wisdom and kindness is embedded within the pillars of the Sterling Foundation. Our dedication to sport and art used to heal and nurture has found itself ingrained within our fabric. With foresight and vision of a brighter future for our children, The Dagar Project was born and will live for years to come.


Ronald “Ron” Saleh, Founder

A fifth generation Washingtonian (Washington, D.C) —  formerly trained as international logistics management specialist for the White House — Ron has an unmatched expertise in managing logistics for high profile and exclusive clients.

He has organized and produced some of the world’s most historical events and provided luxury services and travel accommodations for United States Presidents, international governments as well as heads of Fortune 500 companies and brands.

With over 17 years of White House and top-tier executive government experience, Ron has created some of the worlds most memorable and dazzling experiences. Thanks to the lifetime friendships to Sterling Richardson (35 years) and to Ronald Scott Dagar (18 years) — along with the support and passion of Prina Shah and Chirad Soni — The Sterling Foundation became a reality.

Excited and committed, Ron is focused with a goal to create light and wonderful dreams in every child we encounter. Happiness is one of the simplest ingredients for success. Ron wants The Sterling Foundation, through its structure driven by the Dagar Project, to contribute in making the dreams of children a reality in sports and art.

Chirag Soni

Chirag Soni, born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya developed a passion for philanthropy in the arts with a focus on children and leadership. He poses and MBA in finance after concentrating on his studies within the world of Information Science and Technology. Mr. Soni, has always been a supported on team sports and a fondness for contributing to the betterment of children through social justice programs throughout Kenya and Tanzania. His experience in finance and cross-cultural relations in Bombay contributes to the leadership and development of the Sterling Foundation.

Known as “Chi” to his friends and colleagues, he’s a contributor and supporter of the Jayant Shah team playing and intricate part of the coordinated team during the East African Classic Safari Rally. He launched and continues to lead programming for the football distribution taking the Sterling Foundation to the most remote quadrants Kenya and Tanzania making sure our reach grows beyond measure.

2015 Honoree, Mr. Jayant Shah

Born December 24, 1942, in Mombasa, Kenya – the eldest of 7, Mr. Jayant came from nothing. He was schooled through the age of 18 with a strong self-driven passion for business – he started the company AtoZ (zed). With one sewing machine growing rapidly in manufacturing, Mr. Shah took a loan to buy three more machines. As a result of his professionalism and stellar business practice he is considered, with over 3,000 machines, the worlds most respected and trusted manufacturer of mosquito nets. The company remains a leader in water purification, recycled plastics, agro nets, petroleum products, candles, yarns, cement packaging, polypropylene bags, garments and now multi layer hermetic storage bags. Mr. Shah, a respected rally car driver participated in his first race in 1967. At 72 years old Jayant Shah has been racing in rally’s for 47 years. Jayant Shah came from very modest means. He is a crystal clear example of creating a reality out of your dream. As a child his drive and light, coupled with determination and leadership provided the foundation for his overwhelming success. Having the love and support of no financial means gave spiritual stability helping him to grown and provide leadership as one of Tanzania’s premier businessmen. Mr. Shah has created community, schools and provides a lifeline to many of his employees. He walks in the same light as a Mandela. With modesty he beats a warm drum with the sound of a brilliant smile competitive but yet non-abrasive.

This year Jayant Shah dedicates the 2015 East African Classic Safari Rally to The Sterling Foundation. A ten day race through remote and rough terrain of Kenya and Tanzania. His goal, to raise awareness and promote a mission of the Sterling Foundation. Put smiles on Children’s Faces and make their dreams come true. Igniting and inspiring positivity.